About Micron Solutions, Inc.

Micron Solutions, Inc. through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Micron Products, Inc. is a diversified contract manufacturing organization that produces highly-engineered, innovative medical device components requiring precision machining and injection molding.  The Company also manufactures components, devices and equipment for military, law enforcement, automotive and consumer product applications.

The Company's machining operations produce quick-turn, high volume patient-specific and off-the-shelf orthopedic implants and instruments.  The Company’s machining operations also include laser marking, automated polishing, passivation and coating. The Company has thermoplastic injection molding capabilities as well, and provides a full array of design, engineering, production services and management.   In addition, the Company is a global market leader in the production and sale of silver/silver chloride coated and conductive resin sensors used as consumable component parts in the manufacture of integrated disposable electrophysiological sensors.

Effective March 24, 2017, the Company changed its name to Micron Solutions, Inc. (NYSE MKT:MICR). It was formerly known as Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc. (NYSE MKT:HRT).